It’s human nature to be pleased when we see our loyalty rewarded.

Such rewards and pleasure are to be derived from our deep, everyday personal relations and relationships, of course, but even our merchants of pet food, coffee and bread will give us a little serotonin spike when we purchase every tenth bag of IAMS, every tenth flat white and every tenth loaf of bread.

What if your home loan provider were to do the same? They won’t. Worse, they’re not. They’re doing the opposite. The longer you stay, the more letters you’ll receive advising you with some nonchalance that your home loan is increasing by 0.14% outside of the usual Reserve Bank cycle. The increases officially cover increased lending costs, but go a long way to funding ever-larger discounts off the standard variable rate to lure new customers.

So why not become someone else’s new customer? That’s one option. The other is to opt in to a competitive fixed rate with your current provider. The latter strategy kind of gets you around ‘the system’ somewhat.

Future Value Finance will guide you with your choices either way, so get in touch soon to have that Home Loan Health Check done.